Fresh Beauty Products for Warmer Weather


Say goodbye to the harsh Winter season and hello to freshening up for Spring! Check out these beauty products designed to help you feel comfortable and confident while enjoying the warmer weather. PHL17’s Colleen Campbell talks speaks beauty and style expert Felicia Walker Benson on more.

"Thank you so much for having me. Well with the weather getting warmer, warm weather is just around the corner, we're all going to be showing a lot more skin. Now, winter was so harsh and it's time to recover, so my big shower secret is Olay Ultra Moisture body wash. Now what's great about this product is that it's formulated with Shea butter and this is going to moisturize your skin really deep and it's been recently reformulated to really penetrate the skin and moisturize very deep and that's very important. Now most moisturizing body washes, if you have ever tried them, they leave a little bit of a greasy film or residue, but that's not going to happen with body wash. It rinses completely clean and leaves your skin totally moisturized from head to toe."

"Now, because springtime is also on the way were going to be out a lot more, working out, running errands and we really need a deodorant that's going to stand up to the task. So I want to tell you all about Secret and its new Fresh Collection deodorant. And what's great about this, is that is has a fade resistant technology. What that means is that it's fragrance lasts up to 48-hours and what's also cool is that there is 11 different fragrances to choose from. You can also choose between solid and clear. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I like to bear arms in the summer, so I love to do the clear invisible and I just feel fresh and protected and smelling great all day long."

"Now the last topic that we're going to address is a super, cool new technology called the Dri-Fit System. And this is specifically for adult and continents and feminine hygiene products. Now this Dri-Fit System is designed to address what's called the micro-climate, that is the layer between your skin and your clothing. And this technology is going to keep that area dry, five times drier. And if you want to find more information about it, you can go to and that's what I got for you today."