Spring Clothing Trends

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There’s no better way to kick off spring than with a new wardrobe. Polyvore senior fashion editor, Amy Wicks, let’s us in on the latest trending styles.

"We've looked on Polyvore and the top searches over the last few months. We put them into three major categories, apparel, accessories and footwear. I'll start with apparel, patterned jeans this season are spiking up on Polyvore over 500%. People are wearing this with maybe a basic t-shirt and some sneakers. Also off-shoulder everything is so popular, off-shoulder tops, off-shoulder dresses. And finally the bell sleeve top, a universally flattering top that people are wearing with jeans or slacks or a skirt. So these are definitely the most popular apparel trends.

In terms of accessories this season, the ring detailed bag is my personal favorite. All the designers are doing this in some way, but you can find it on Polyvore for less than 50 dollars, which is fantastic. Mirrored sunnies are a quick and easy way to update your look, you can get these for 3 dollars. Finally, the mini backpack has been hot for a year and it continues to be so. And it's a great hands-free way to carry around your things and you find this on Polyvore as well for under 50 dollars.

Finally footwear, sort of the icing on the cake, my favorite part. Velvet sneakers are so, so hot on Polyvore right now, their spiking over a 1,000%. Everyone is wearing these sneakers with a cute pair of jeans and a sweater. And it's all about embellishment this season, so floral embellishments or embroidery is very popular. So try that maybe on a pair of flats or sandals."

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  • AmoyLily

    Overall the trends to watch for this coming spring is the ruffles and floral prints. As I always say, make sure and mix it up, experiment with your style and start with some of the above items to build your spring wardrobe!

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