Beauty Tips for Spring

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Spring up your beauty routine with the newest products from some classic skin care lines. Beauty expert Cheryl Kramer Kaye explains more.

"Well I got some spring trends, and if there is one thing that we've seen all over the red carpets and the runways, it's flawless, healthy looking skin. And we got the products to get your skin in to the best shape this spring. Now let's start with the face. This time of year, it could be really difficult with acne flare ups and Biore has a trio of face wash warriors in the fight against acne. They all contain the ingredients, salicylic acid, which is proven to fight acne and it's also going to leave your skin clearer in just two days. The first is the baking soda acne scrub, which it gently exfoliates, it gets rid of dead skin that's going to unclog your pores. It treats existing acne, while fighting the future acne. And it's a creamy formula , great for combination skin. You'll just feel really soft and smooth. For oily skin I recommend the charcoal acne scrub, which also gently exfoliates removes acne causing dirt and oil. And last the charcoal acne clearing cleanser, this is an oil-free, daily liquid cleanser that's going to absorb access oil and just put a stop to breakouts. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly fresh. The three of these are $$6.49 at drugstores and mass retailers, that's $6.49 each."

"Now lets move on to your body, the temperature fluctuations could also leave you surprisingly dry and that's why I'm loving the curel hydro-therapy wet skin moisturizer. Now I'm not sure if you know about this new category of moisturizers, but wet skin moisturizers are applied right after you turn off the shower, while your skin is still dripping wet and that is when your skin is most receptive to hydration. The lotion is water activated and it penetrates deeply into the surface of your skin it absorbs immediately, its non-greasy. You don't rinse it off you just towel-off and your ready to get dressed. Now part of what makes this curel hydro-therapy so effective, is it's advanced ceramyde complex, which is going to repair your skin's moisture barrier. So much so in fact,  that is has received the National Eczema Association's seal of acceptance. It's just $10.99 at drugstores and mass retailers."

"And a few quick makeup trends spring, it's the sheer bold eye, it's the bold pop of color on the lip and highlighter on the top of your cheekbone."