Skin And Hair Care Tips For The Final Winter Month

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Breathe, spring lovers! There’s just under one month of winter left. Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno is here with your skin and hair care guide to survive the end of winter.

"Having dry, chapped skin in winter is not inevitable. You can have healthy, glowing, moisturized skin and it often starts in the showers so my go to is Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. They have this recently upgraded really creamy formula that actually absorbs and penetrates into your skin, which really locks in that moisture. You know other moisturizing body washes often leave a residue which people don't like so what's great about them is that they have a really nice, clean rinse feel which is amazing. It leaves your skin visibly nourished which is awesome for winter because you want that nice moisture.

You know when it comes to your hair this cold, dry weather can really wreak havoc on your scalp. It can make it itchy. It can make it irritated, which is why I love Head & Shoulders. They have a nice three action formula that actually cleanses, it protects and it moisturizes. So it really protects against those scalp sensitivities that could really spike during these dry winter months. What I like especially because I'm a busy, active woman is that they have a Silk and Smooth Collection which is awesome because it's gentle enough to use everyday. It's safer for color treated hair and it still leaves your hair really nice, soft and smooth.

As you know it's also cold season and no one's got time to be down because we're busy ladies so I like to carry around with me these Cold Eeze Lozenges. I don't know if you guys are familiar with them, but they're popular because they're actually clinically proven to reduce the duration of your cold almost in half, which is amazing because we are busy ladies out here. They also have a new multi-symptom formula that not only cuts the duration of your cold, but then it really helps relieve some of those cold and flu symptoms like coughs and congestion. If you're like me and you have kids that don't always want to take medicine, they have these really great multi-symptom gummies. So they taste great and they're great for the entire family. "