The Latest Top Tech, Gadgets And Game Trends

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What’s the latest happening in technology? Mario Armstrong is here to tell you.

"This is Intel's New Balance RunIQ with Intel inside. This is a smart watch made for runners by runners. It has a ton of features that are in here as well. It helps athletes take their performance to the next level. I love the fact that you can not only track your run and listen to music, but you can do it from your phone which is really, really great.

Next up we have Otter Box which is amazing. This is an awesome trend right now Jenna. Modular cases is the trend. They are the leader in smart phone and tablet protection. I've been talking about that for years, but now they've actually extended that by not only having a sturdy case for their iPad, but you also have new possibilities with these modular cases because now you can have this thing like the Bluetooth speaker be a modular case because it slides right onto your existing Otter Box case right onto the rails that they have there. Now you can not only have that protection, but also have other great accessories and that's just one accessory of many.

The other thing I love is being able to save money on my wine and the Kuvée Wine System is the first of its kind system that allows your wine to stay fresh for 30 days. You can open multiple bottles of wines at the same time and enjoy your favorite wine when you want by the glass. Discover new wines and more just go to and check all of that out.

For parents or expecting parents with little babies you're going to love this - Blue Smart Mia. Go to They have a great discount on all of their stuff here, but what's great is that you can actually for the first time really track your baby's feeding intake and everything from the optical angles to feeding temperatures and more with the flexible sleeves that fit on most bottles - right off the bat you can check it right from your phone from any place to track you baby's progress. Newmia30 is the code at

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