Survival Tips For Fashion Week

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The newest looks in fashion have made their debut this week in New York Fashion Week. Model and fashion blogger Lisa DiCicco Cahue shares her personal styling tips for whether you’re busy working the runway or heading to that big meeting at the office.

"So fashion week is going on here in New York and I couldn't be more excited. There are so many trends that I'm seeing that can be translated into every day looks that you can wear right now. But a super exciting thing that happened this season is I walked in Who What Wear's first ever live shopable runway show. So you were able to shop the looks that were coming down the runway right on the spot. I'm actually wearing one of the dresses that walked the runway this week. But as you know prepping for runway can be really exciting but incredibly stressful and I just think it's really important to have the confidence while rocking all my looks and I'm excited that Who What Wear co-created the fashion show with Secret Deodorant which allowed me to test out their Clinical Strength Deodorant and I have to say this product is the real deal. It allows me to have the confidence to wear whatever color, fabric and outfit that I want. Provides two times the sweat protection than any other antiperspirant. So you don't have to make fashion sacrifices and the team at Secret found that 1 in 3 women experience a sweat stain each week which is actually a sign that the product is failing them and as a result women often shy away from certain fabrics and colors for fear of sweating through. And I just feel like this season is all about the neutrals, all about the light colors. So no one wants to worry about that. I mean it's difficult enough coming up with a winning look so no one wants to worry about sweat stains too. And honestly the best accessory that I've seen on the runway and off the runway is confidence because without that I just feel that none of the looks translates into your everyday look.

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