Chocolate Diamonds and Red Wine for Date Nights

Whats better than wine and chocolate? Beauty expert Jeannine Morris has the perfect recommendations on what you should get for that special person in your life.

"I'm Colleen Campbell with a PHL17 Extra. Joining me today is beauty expert Jeannine Morris. Jenna with Valentine's Day just a few days away, what are some gifts for the Valentine's on our list and where do we start?"

"Good Morning. Thanks for having me. Well were talking about Valentine's Day. First thing first lets talk about a gift. I always recommend gifting jewelry because you can't go wrong. So I recommend going to the Jared Galleria because they work with world renown jewelry designers to create one of a kind pieces exclusively for their costumers. Plus they give a very personal shopping experience for everyone that walks through the door.

Three of their collections are my top three favorite ones: Lavern and Lavern is the only jewelry designer in the world to make chocolate diamonds. You might have seen these before in the commercials and stuff. But they have beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry exclusively created for Jared. Then there is the Pandora Boutique and Pandora is the number one affordable luxury jewelry brand in the world. It's also the best seller with Jared and if you know anything about Pandora you know there's something for everyone there. Finally they have this Minnesotan collection and this collection marries gem stones and airline quality so it's very very special pieces. I always recommend gifting jewelry but then we have to talk about date night.

Now date night can be out, can be in, personally I like cooking in with my husband. And everything can be prepared with this bottle of wine by Robert Mondavi private selection. It's brand new, it's their bourbon barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon. So it's a twist of their classic Cabernet aged in one hundred percent American oak Kentucky bourbon barrel for an additional three months which gives it a very toasty oaky flavor. But it opens bold, it opens with black cherries and blackberries. And it can be paired with almost anything especially with a bowl of pasta.

This wine only retails for $13 to $14 dollars and you can found a retailer by you at"

"Jeannine Morris thanks so much for joining me with today's PHL17 Extra. I'm Colleen Campbell."