Heart Disease Prevention Tips

February is heart month, Dr. Alan Grass and Good Housekeeping Editor, Laurie Jennings provide beneficial advice on how to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Doctor first question, what are some warning signs and symptoms that we should know about?

"Heart failure manifests, shortness of breath, swelling in the ankles, and sometimes it's subtle just a feeling that you can't do as much as you use to and you don't want to do as much as you use to."

How many Americans does this impact every year?

"To right now over six million people have heart failure and that number continues to increase. Heart failure is a condition where the heart which is a pump can no longer circulate blood efficiently and there for you feel fatigue and shortness of breath. It's also important that Americans understand that is a breakthrough medication called Intresco which help people stay alive and importantly stay out of the hospital. Now Colleen it's not for everybody there is side affects that could potentially happen. It's always important to speak with your doctor before you start any medication including Intresco."

Laurie what lifestyle changes would you suggest for those living with this condition?

"Well there are few key lifestyle changes that people could make. First of all eating a low sodium diet. So whole food, whole grain, fruits, and vegetables. You want to add as much activity in your life. Gentle activities that you can so some walking everyday thirty minutes tops, you also want to get good sleep, good night sleep really helps the body recharge and refresh. And of course if your a smoker, quitting smoking is really helpful."