How well do you trust your doctor?

How well do you trust your doc? Pearle Vision just released a new study that says many American’s today trust their care practitioners more than ever. Certified life coach Stefanie Ziev joins us with more.

Stefanie, what is this study about?

"I'm so excited to be partnering with Pearle Vision to share about the results of this study that showed American's level of trust.

Trust took a hit in 2016 and I think we all felt it. What was interesting about this study is that family and friends were at a really high level of trust, but interestingly enough so were doctors and it was at an 87 percent which I find really fascinating. And part of the reason was because doctors are listening and understanding what's important to the patients and that is building trust through these small moments of care, which is creating personal connection..

Think about an eye exam, there's someone an inch away from your face. So when you have a level of comfort with that person, which is created in these small moments, then you start to trust them. Trust comes from feeling cared for and care comes from these small moments."

Very great stuff. Stefanie, where can we go for more information?

"You can go to and I would encourage everyone to get their eyes checked for their annual exam. Especially because one of the other parts of the survey was that people trust their eyes 3 times more than any other sense, so lets keep them healthy."

Thanks for joining us Stefanie. With today's PHL17's Extra, I'm Colleen Campbell.