History Channel’s New Drama Series on Navy Seal Team Six

Get a glimpse of the world inside of America’s elite Special Operations unit – Navy Seal Team Six. History channel’s new scripted drama series portrays the lives of Navy Seal Six Team members as inspired by real missions. Actor Barry Sloane explains more.

"I'm Colleen Campbell with a PHL17 Extra. Today we are talking about History channel's new drama series, Six. Joining me is actor Barry Sloane, Barry tell us more about the show."

Barry Sloane: "Its a new show.. it will be on Wednesdays at 10pm and its about members of Seal team Six.. its about the brotherhood of men, of warriors, one of which is taken and its our job to get our brother back to the United States. I play a character called Joe Graves, the recently appointed leader of our squadron and over the course of 8 episodes in this first season we are going to find out what the cost of war is to the man, to the solider, to the husband, the father, to the nation, to the human being and how does one cope with being deployed to somewhere like Africa on a very dangerous mission on a Friday and then being back in the school room Monday morning. How do you cope? Which hat do you wear at any particular time? and its a story about brotherhood and its a story about modern day warriors."

"Barry Sloane from the new drama series Six, thanks for joining us. With today's PHL17 extra, I'm Colleen Campbell."