Clarative Analytics Releases Top Global Innovators

Clarative Analytics has just released there top Global Innovators for 2016. Check it out!

"I'm Colleen Campbell with a PHL17 Extra. Joining me this morning is Ellen and Gordon from Clarative Analytics. So the company you just revealed is 2016 Global Innovators. Can you tell me more about that?"

"It's a report that we have been doing for the past six years. Basically we apply a metrics driven approach to analyzing innovation in the form of patents that are forthcoming from some of the world's largest companies, and every year we rank and bring out a ranking of the top 100."

"And so we look at their success ratio how many patents that their filing are actually granted. We look at their citation factor. So how many entities are citing that particular patent or invention in their own research - and so we call that sort of an impact factor. Then we look at globalization so is this invention important enough that companies and entities are choosing to protect it world wide. And what you see frankly is that there are quite a lot of companies on this list from the us- and actually that was a trend this year. More companies from the us made the list this year than ever before. I think part of that is just with some of the changes in the patent laws and first to file that allowed more patents to have success faster. And I think increasingly you see us companies very focused on putting money into R&D, and into innovation and obviously that's paying off."

"And I think as you look at the tri-state area our company, Clarivate Analytics, is a derivative of what I'm about to say. It has to do with the educational system and the financial system. Both are which are very high level in the tri-state arena. So there's an ample pool to innovate."