Technology Trends of 2017 from the Consumer Electronic Show

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This is your PHL17 Extra…The 2017 Consumer Electronic Show celebrated it’s 50th year in Las Vegas this past weekend. Dave “Dr. Cool Tech” King gave us a glimpse of what consumers saw at the show.

"I've got to tell you, amazing show... over 180,000 people. One of the stars if the show, a game changer when it comes to how we do laundry came from Samsung. That is the flex wash and flex dry laundry pair. You can actually wash two loads of laundry at the same time that you're drying a load and doing delicates - all at once! Get the opportunity to do laundry the way you want to do it because you've got two top loaders and front loaders built right in. So whether super sorter or want to power wash, this is the way to go from Samsung. The flex wash and flex dry laundry pair.

Also, if you love watching your TVs but you're missing that 4K experience now you can get it with the ultra high definition blu-ray player. It is a must have to go along with the ultra high definition TV. It's the perfect partnership. Like Ab and Costello. Like peanut butter and jelly. The ultra high definition TV and the ultra high definition blue ray player work beautifully together to give you that 4K experience. You can't get it in broadcasting, you can't get it in streaming. This gives it to you immediately. Because you have all these titles. Up to 100 ultra high definition blu-ray titles you can play. Plus, over ten thousand blu-rays as well as DVDs - and it streams as well.

Plus, for the person outdoors, loves going outside, you love doing things out there around Philly, we've got it for you here with the the Casio ProTrek WSD F20 smart outdoor watch. It's the android 2.0 as well as GPS built in. For the hiker, the biker, the treker - you love doing kayaking, you love snowboarding. This is the watch for you. It gives you the information you want when you want it. You can customize the screen, as well. Brand new launched at CES. Against it's the Casio ProTrek WSD  F20 smart outdoor watch. Military tough and good looking.

Also tough and great sounding from Kicker, this happens to be the Bullfrog Jump - and it's going to give you great sound. Why? You've got two four inch drivers, 3x4 inch sub woofers. Gives me 360 degrees of sound. The ultimate in portable audio from Kicker. 20 hours of battery life on this one, Bluetooth of course, but it also has an FM tuner built into it. It's virtually indestructible. You can get mud on it, dirt on it, sand on it. You just hose it down. You still get that wonderful sound. Great for all the tailgating, hanging out, camping, things that you love doing out there."