The future of traveling

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Have you ever wanted to go on vacation with nothing, but yourself? Well, now you can.

"Check this out. We are inside a 14,000 square foot virtual cruise ship that the Carnival Corporation built all of this to show off this. It's a tiny new wearable that's meant to replace your keys, your wallet, your passport and all of your worry the next time you're on vacation. Let me walk you through exactly how this works.

You can wear it on your wrist, as a pendant like I am on a chain, you can slip it into the pocket of your jeans. When you sign up for a cruise you establish your likes, your dislikes, your basic vacation profile online. Then you can opt into the social medallion technology for free. The company mails you the laser edge disk with your name engraved on it along with incredibly high tech futuristic technology.

You walk up to your room, it opens up automatically for you. Doesn't work just for anyone, only for you because it senses your - the technology in your medallion. You can order food with it, you can buy things with it. Basically do everything you would if you had that credit card in your pocket or that room key on you, but you can do it all without any of that. It keeps track of your past orders - your food, your drink. Everything's waiting and ready without you even having to ask.

There are even these giant portals all over the ship. You can think of them kind of like custom tailor made tablets. So you walk up to it, you tap in your password, it knows that you're there, you tap in your password and your whole trip comes to life right in front of you. None of your personal information is stored on the medallion. If it's lost or stolen it's deactivated immediately and you get a new one. The other thing I like about it is that you're in control of all of it at all times so you tell it if you want to let someone else know where you're located.

This launches, it's set to sail on the first cruise ship November 2017. Expect to see more technology like this in the world around us. I think it's going to be the way we shop for cars, clothes, groceries, everything within the next few years."