Newly reformed Mummers group is back after 17 years

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There is a new Fancy Brigade performing in the 2017 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade and this group knows a thing or two about strutting their stuff… meet Purple Magic.

Each year the Mummers bring us new themes, new faces and 2017 brings us the return of a former Fancy Brigade, Purple Magic. After disbanding 17 years ago, the group is making their return to the stage. This family oriented group was formed in January 1992 but due to financial and membership decline, had to fold in September 2000.

Michael Orlando, the original Captain of Purple Magic and now President, says he was not excited about starting the group again. With a push from his son, Michael Orlando Jr., he was all in. The group prides themselves on their over three generations of families involved  and has never given up on their commitment to including everyone.

“We include everybody, when I first started Magic I was the only one that had kids and everyone grew up and they all had kids and now all the kids are here and my grandchildren march... It's a great feeling to watch everybody stay together  and carry-on what I love to do.” says Orlando.

Performing first in the Fancy Brigade lineup, Purple Magic is hoping to start off the show on the right note. Performing with the theme 'Speak Easy', they are ready to jump back in.