Stay Healthy! Cold and Flu Season is Among Us!

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Wash your hands, get your flu shot, and more! We’ve got all of the best tips for cold and flu season.

Dr. Peterson, we are in the midst of cold and flu season and everyone wants to know the secret to staying healthy, so what is it?
Dr. Keri Peterson: "Well I have some great tips especially for folks with little ones. Now little ones don't know how to blow their noses very well; it is hard for them to get the mucus out. There is a great device called NoseFrida that can really help. You put it the tube against the child's nostrils and there is a mouthpiece on the other end that the parent suck in the mucus and it pulls it right out of your baby's nostrils and keeps them comfortable.

Another tip I have is that most parents don't want to wake their kids up in the middle of the night, so there is a device called FeverFrida. You put a little patch under your baby's arm, and it connects to a Bluetooth monitor, and that can send alerts to your smart phone in the middle of the night telling you if the temperature goes above a preset limit. So, no more waking your baby's at night to take their temperature.

Now if you do get a cold, I recommend that you take Cold-Eeze lozenges. They have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of your cold by almost half. Plus, they have a multi-symptom lozenge that helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms. And new this season, they have a gummy that tastes really great.

I also recommend washing your hands, but if you don't have access to soap and water, try using Wet Ones hand wipes. They will kill 99.99% of germs. They are hypoallergenic, and they contain aloe so they are not as drying as hand sanitizers. They will wipe away dirt and grime too. They come in three convenient sizes, so you can just toss them in your purse or in your backpack or in your car. So this winter, you can get your whole family in the picture because Wet Ones has you covered.

And you can learn more at"

What are some other tips that you may have?

Dr. Keri Peterson: "Well I also recommend that you don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Be sure to get your flu shot. If you do get sick, please cough into your elbow, and stay at home."