Getting Festive for the Holidays

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If you’re looking to get festive and fabulous this holiday season, these are some fun ideas to get you glamorous for every party.

Good morning, Robyn. Well the holiday season is full of event-going and holiday parties, and you're here with the must-haves to get us glowing this season. Where do we get started?

"You know, when it comes to the holidays, we want to look glam and good, we don't always have time. I think hair is our biggest accessory. Well, I am all about dry shampoo, which I am sure that you guys are familiar with. If you don't have time to do your hair or wan to really extend the life of your style between parties, entertaining . . . I am all about the dry shampoo, and I love this new product from Dove. It is the Dove Refresh Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. It is great for all hair types and colors. It is really easy to use and smells amazing. All you need to do is shake the can and lift your hair and wherever it is oily, you just spray about six to ten inches away from your hair, and then you just rub it in. Then you just brush it through. It is a really nice weightless formula, so literally with just a quick few sprays, you're going from ho-hum to glamorous. So I am a really big fan of it at only $3.99, available at Walmart, Target, or

But, besides that, when it comes to makeup I am a really big fan of doing something besides reds. Red is a wonderful color and the color of the season. But a lot of time it is a little to harsh on your skin so I think plum is a wonderful alternative. It works great on all skin types. It is really easy to go on, it is really still festive and vivid.

Then when it comes to clothing, I am all about the sparkles. There is a only a few times in the year when you can get away with a lot of bling, sparkle, and sequins. Now is the time. I say just go for it as long as you keep your makeup a little bit more neutral and shoes neutral, I think like go big or go home with your clothing."

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