Great Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

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The perfect gifts your family and friends will never were ‘last-minute.’

Mario, time is certainly running out for holiday shopping as Christmas is just a few days away - but you're here today of course to save the day for last-minute holiday gifts. Take it away...

"Yes, that's right Chandler. I'm going to do my best job. I have something for everyone. I'm going to start with the Samsung Gear Fit2 smart fitness band. I love the vibrant color display on this. I the fact that you can track all of your steps, calories, heart rate and more. Plus with the built in GPS you can map your run, which is awesome. And with WiFi you can get and receive, and respond to all of those notifications right there on your wrist without breaking a stride - which is great. And you can also connect it to your Spotify playlist or get motivated with some MP3s.

Next up is a great gift for people that don't want to lost their items. This is called Tile, I have several of these myself. It's a tiny Bluetooth tracker and an easy to use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds. All you got to do is go to their website It really makes your life so much easier when you don't have to look for stuff that you really need.

And if you want to give the gift of money, PayPal has done something really unique. They partnered with designer Jonathan Adler for digital holiday cards that you can personalize. They feature his iconic designs. So it's a great way for you to personalize and give the gift of money in style. If you're looking for something for the foodie, Bonefish Grill has you covered. They are the fresh food experts. If you get a $50.00 gift card there you will get a $10.00 gift card, as well. So talk about a win win. You can buy that online or actually in their stores.

And for the gamer, GameStop has got them covered saving $50.00 on consuls like the Playstation4, Uncharted bundle, and the Xbox One. Now through December 24th they're also going to be giving away five consuls for free at random stores across the country which is really really cool.

Last but not least if you want to give a great lasting memory, StubHub, they give an opportunity for you to give a great experience. Go to You'll see a curated list there of all types of great things like concerts, sporting events, theaters, plays, and more. You can choose for that person, or you can purchase a gift card and let them choose the event themselves. All the details and more can be found at our website at"

Mario, I say this every time, perfect and amazing products, as always. Thank you so much! Have a merry Christmas.

"Thanks Chandler. You have a merry Christmas. Happy holidays to you as well, stay warm."