Must Have Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Shopping for the men in your life can be tough, but we spoke to an expert who has you covered.

"Dan it can be really hard to find the perfect gift for the guys in our lives, I hear you have some tips for us."

"Absolutely, so guys are notoriously hard to buy for but we've got some really great gifts here that guys might not buy for themselves.

So the first one we have is from old spice. They've got a really great host of different products. Right here we have the hardest working collection in holiday gift sets. It's got a great smelling body wash, a spray deodorant - and my personal favorite which is the odor blocker deodorant stick. And that's actually a men's health grooming award winning. So these gift sets range anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00. They're available at most drug stores as well as other retailers.

For the younger guy in your life you've also got these great hair styling products. They run anywhere from matte to shiny. So no matter what hair style you're trying to accomplish these are great stocking stuffers for the young guys. So the next product that we have is, I'm sure it's pretty cold in Philadelphia. So we have some great Zippo hand warmers here. The smaller ones up front run about $20.00. They last up to six hours. They're completely flameless. Just keep them in your pocket and they're going to keep your hands warm for about six hours. So that's good for a morning commute. Then if you need something bigger we have these larger models for $22.00, those are going to last 12 hours. They're good for working outdoors and yard work - also for road trips. Things like that. They are available at

And the last thing I have in keeping with these really cool manly gifts are these awesome hand finished pockets knives from W.R. Case & Sons. They have these beautiful hand detailed bone handles that are collectibles. So they run $63.00, but they're going to last you a lifetime. They're available at And this is a really great present or a father to give to a son who can then give it to his son. So these are really great collectibles and they can become family heirlooms and they can come in really handy. Whether you're breaking down boxes or you're working outdoors or in the wilderness, or you're hunting - you're always going to need a sharp blade to cut something with."

"Yeah those are definitely very pretty. Some great tips there. If we want to go somewhere for more information where can we go?"

"Absolutely so you can find information about these products at,, and And if you need more information about gifting for guys this holiday you can find more information about that at"

"All really good tips there, I will have to get those Zippo hand warmers that is so important this time of year. Thanks so much for joining us, Dan."