Gifts for the Whole Family

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Trying to find the best gifts for everyone on your holiday list? We’ve got you covered.

Melissa, it looks like you have a ton of great stuff there. What must we have for the holiday?

"Well first I want to talk about fashion for kids. The trends are graphic sweaters, luxe faux fur and everything is mix and match. So we have some great options here from Target. There are key clothing brands for kids and newborns called Cat and Jack. Everything here is mix and match. Great for everyone on your list, including me, not a kid. I did get this dress from Target for under $30.00 I just wanted to point out. So you can get something for yourself while you're there, including everyone else on your list. Their pieces are on trend. They're really fashionable, but something I really appreciate is that say you buy something and your kid only wears it once, it's not the end of the world because it didn't break the bank . That's something a lot of parents can appreciate.

Everything is very affordable as I said. For example, all of these pieces are under $30.00. I want to show you some great options for little girls. There's a faux fur vest, fit and flare skirts, festive holiday dresses. They're such a steal. The boys are all about being cozy. So it's thermal cable knits, button downs chino pants, adorable bow ties. For toddlers we have a satin blue diamond dress, bear tunic and legging set, cross bodies and a headband. For newborns, pullovers and coverall jackets - all incredibly affordable. So those you cannot lose when shopping at Target."

Well my niece would absolutely love that vest. So okay, you have a great outfit. Now what about your hair?

"For hair the trend right now is you want it to have a lot of volume, a lot of fullness, but unfortunately you might not have as much time to shampoo as you might like. So there's a great product, it's a secret weapon. It's called the Dove Refresh and Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. So it's weightless and cleanses by absorbing oil so your hair stays fresh between your regular washes. It even leaves behind a fresh scent as if you just washed it. It's great for all hair types and colors. All you do is spray it and in a couple sprays your hair will be fresh and clean. It's $3.99 at mass retailers. Great stocking stuffer, too."

Great Melissa, where can we go for more information?

"You can go to, and then for Dove you can just go to a mass retailer and you'll see all sorts of great options there."