Philly Mag’s Be Well Health Hero Challenge Winner

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For the past five years Philadelphia Magazine has held a "Be Well Philly: Health Hero Challenge" asking it's readers to identify individuals and organizations in the community who go above and beyond to help others live happier, healthier lives.

This year's Be Well Philly Health Hero is Sue Weldon, President and founder of Unite for Her. Joining her is Adjua Fisher, Health Editor of Philly Magazine.

Good Morning Ladies, Great to have you here.

First, tell us Adjua about this challenge.

Adjua: "Yeah, so every year for the past five years we have been hosting Be Well Health Hero Challenge we call for nominations over the Summer which we got over 700 which is more than we ever had. The Philadelphia magazine editors narrow it down to 16 semi-finalists and then there's a vote. So for the past, from September through November really, people were voting."

Alright. so how does that feel Sue? Tell us about your organization and what you ended up doing. Readers really thought you were a winner."

Sue Weldon: "A lot of joy its awesome, a lot of joy for our women."

So Unite for Her organization, tell us more about that.

"So Unite for Her we share a West Chester base but we are a Philadelphia area non-profit for women affected by breast cancer. We bridge the gap between the medical and wellness community for women who are newly diagnosed and we treat about a thousand women in the area so this money will help reach the women we are not yet able to get to because of funding. So really I'm so honored and feeling really blessed, its a group win I'll tell ya."

That's great. Family, friends, colleagues; everyone weighing in for you guys. How important is this for you to have in the community Adjua? Because people, and then the readers can engage in this and you clearly had a lot of success in it. That was a big night November 16th, I believe when you received that check initially, a lot of excitement surrounding it.

"Absolutely, I feel like we just won for our women, the thousands that we serve annually with Unite for Her and they felt like they won, its a shared joy and they all celebrated with us.

Yes and they can now own that as well. Adjua and Sue, thank you for being with us."