Holiday Tech Gift Ideas with Mario Armstrong

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Good morning, Mario. You always have the best stuff. I can't wait to hear what you have today.

"Chandler, I am so excited about this as well. I got some great gift ideas and some great at home solutions.

I am going to start first with the Galaxy TabPro S by Samsung. This is a two in one device, people, which means you get the best of both worlds in a unit. You can use this as a tablet where you can actually hit the touchscreen and move around on the device. It has a stylus you can use as well. It has a long lasting battery life, Windows 10 Intel Processor, super AMOLED display, also a full size keyboard so you can get all the big work done.

Moving onto something great to those little life essentials that you need in the house. This is the amazon dash buttons, these little buttons connect to the wifi in your home, but they, with one little touch of the button, can order that product from amazon for you. So if you're running low on Tide, running low on that coffee, press the button, and it will order from Amazon for you right away.

Next up is the BackBeat Fit by Plantronics. These are the best rugged, durable, sweat proof and water proof, Bluetooth wireless headphones on the market. Comes in five different colors. Eight hours of listening on one charge. And what is great about it is that they sound wonderful, they don't pop out of your ears, even for the biggest and roughest workout that you can do, you won't pop those out. Those are great.

So in the home, this smart home solution, is taking the world by storm by Switchmate, it is very easy to use. You buy their product and you put it on the existing light switch, it is magnetic, and one second, you have installed a new system to control your lighting, you can now do that right through your mobile device. You can even set program alerts and times, so no more walking through a house that is dark or moving throughout the house that is dark.

Another great smart home addition is by Schlage. Schlage has the sense-smart deadbolt. It has a touch screen deadbolt, which is great. you can give family and friends access codes, no keys required. Easy set up for this. It looks beautiful and it ties in with their open possibilities campaign.

Last but not least, unique holiday gift cards, Chandler! I love these by Minted. You can upload your design, see what it looks like, tons of different designs made by a community of independent artists, looks great, super strong. You're going to have a customized gift card that your family and friends will absolutely love. Head over to our website at for more."