Adopt a Pet: ‘Mummers and Mutts’ and PHL17 Morning News

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PHL17 Morning News has partnered with the organization Mums and Mutts for an important cause. Megan McFarland, an animal activist who runs the Mums and Mutts program, has made connections with local animal shelters to help our furry friends find their forever homes. McFarland is a Mummer and has combined her love of the Mummers and animals in need to create this incredible program. This page is updated weekly with the animals we share on our 5:00AM and 5:30AM news programs.

For more on the adoptable pet you saw LIVE on PHL17 Morning News, click here.

For more on the adorable cat you saw on our Meow Monday with ACCT Philly, click here.

Say hello to Lovebug!  She is a 5 year old beagle girl who loves attention and snuggling with people!  She will make the perfect pet to snuggle up with on the sofa and watch the game!

For more information on Lovebug, click here.

This is Spud! He is a one-year-old husky mix with stunning blue eyes!  He is super friendly and sweet and he even loves other dogs!  Everyone who meets him falls head over heels in love!   He’s young, playful, sweet, the list goes on!

For more information on Spud, click here.

Say hello to Diamond! She is extremely happy and playful and bursting with energy!  She is about one-year old and she’s a bulldog/pittie mix.  She loves to give kisses and is looking for a home where she can get the exercise she needs!

For more information on Diamond, click here.

Meet Haley! This sweet girl traveled all the way from Kentucky in search of her forever home. Haley loves to spend time with people and she’s always happy to make new friends. She’s great with other dogs too. Haley is about seven-years-old but she still has plenty of energy. This happy girl would fit in just about anywhere.

For more information on Haley, click here.

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