Adopt a Pet: ‘Mums and Mutts’ and PHL17 Morning News

PHL17 Morning News has partnered with the organization Mums and Mutts for an important cause. Megan McFarland, an animal activist who runs the Mums and Mutts program, has made connections with local animal shelters to help our furry friends find their forever homes. McFarland is a Mummer and has combined her love of the Mummers and animals in need to create this incredible program. This page is updated weekly with the animals we share on our 5:00 am and 5:30 am news programs.

For the adoptable pet you saw LIVE on PHL17 Morning News, click here.

Meet Igor! This cool 3 year old guy is super-friendly and playful. He has a truly great personality and will fit right into a home with some love and playtime!

For more information on Igor, click here.


Meet Penny! Isn’t this sweetheart one of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen? She is super loving and wants to show you how much love she can give! Let’s help her find her forever home.

For more information on Penny, click here.


Meet Orkid! He is a really friendly 7 year old cat who loves to lie in your arms and cuddle. He’s a great guy who’s looking for his forever home. Let’s help him find it.

For more information on Orkid, click here.


Meet Beauty! Her name describes her well because she is a beauty inside and out. If you’re a home that can give her all the love and kindness she needs then you’re the home for her!

For more information on Beauty, click here.


Meet Baxter! This little guys is just two years old and gets around wonderfully on his wheels! He is super sweet and friendly and looking for his forever home. Let’s help him find it.

For more information on Baxter, click here.


Meet Thunder! This sweetheart may have a little trouble with coordination and balance but that doesn’t stop her from giving affection. She’s looking for a home where she can get all the love she needs.

For more information on Thunder, click here.


Meet Rex! This boy may be big and his heart is even bigger! He is four years old and is friends with everyone he meets. Let’s help him find his forever home.

For more information, click here.


Meet Carlito! This two year old is one sweet and easy going guy. He may have had a rough start but now he’s looking for a home to call his own!

For more information on Carlito, click here.


Meet Guy! Looking for a new best friend? Guy is our guy! This six year old is a pit bull mix and is looking for a home where he can just hang out. He will be the coolest best friend you’ve ever had!

For more information on Guy, click here.


Meet Cinnamon! He may be an older cat at 19 years old but is looking to live out his golden years in a loving home. Let’s help him find his forever home.

For more information on Cinnamon click here.