One Stop Shop for Your Halloween Needs

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It’s the spookiest time of the year with Halloween just weeks away. Our Jenna Meissner has more on the one place to get all of your Halloween needs easily.

Bahar, Good morning. We are less than two weeks away from Halloween and of course everyone is gearing up for trick or treating. What do you have for us?

"That's right. Well first of all, I wanted to talk about one store where you can get all your Halloween needs for the entire family. And that place is Target. They have great costumes, awesome party decor, and of course, lots of candy as well. So from now until the 29th, if you actually spend 30 dollars on Halloween goodies like decor, costumes, and candy.. for every $30 spent, you get to save $5, so there is a wonderful value there going on right now."

"They also have a great selection of day of the dead themed decor, which is really popular all over the country. In fact, Target has over 30 different types of day of the dead decor. Everything from wreaths to bird figurals, or if you're more traditionalist with decor, they have really cute pumpkins with glitter all over them, which is a fun way to add a pop. They also have exclusive target candies, so there's Kit Kats, dark chocolate Kit Kats, skull and bones Sweet Tarts, and spooky gummies from Jolly Rancher."


"The other thing I wanted to mention is Halloween is all about drinking and having fun with friends. Black Box wine is incredible and a great value with this wine. In fact, it costs 40% less than compable bottles of wine. This is a three liter box, and that means it is about 4 regular sized bottles in one box. For Halloween, they have this great limited edition packaging, nice little black packaging for guests, great gifts for you to give to hostesses for parties as well. I want to mention as well that this is an award winning wine, over 50 different medals from competitions nationwide. The quality is so good, once you crack this open, it is good for about six weeks. And this wine is so good when you pair it with food, and when you pair it with chocolate. In fact, I love the Cabernet Sauvignon with Hersey's special dark chocolate. It is such a great touch. So again, this is a fun way for you to have fun for everyone in the family this Halloween."


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