Men’s Fall Guide

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We might be experiencing some summer-like weather this week but not to be confused as fall is certainly upon us. PHL17’s Chandler Lutz sat down with Men’s Lifestyle Editor, Clint Carter, on the very latest in men’s products.

"Alright I've got a couple very cool, new grooming products for men that I want to talk about. The first has to do with the season as we move into October we're getting into football season. We're also getting into some slightly cooler weather and for a lot of guys that can mean dry scalp, itchy scalp, maybe some dandruff. So the cool new product I want to talk about is a new shampoo from Head & Shoulders with Old Spice Swagger. This is the shampoo used by Giant's wide receiver and Head & Shoulders Brand Ambassador Odell Beckham Jr. Really cool product. Anybody experiencing agitation in their scalp or dandruff flakes should check this new product out from Head & Shoulders and it's available at any Walmart so you can pick it up really easily."

"Another product that I want to mention ties into a big trend which is cosmetic dermatology for men. So the product is Xeomen and it's a botulinum toxin procedure which the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said is the number one procedure right now for cosmetic dermatology. So the Xeomen is a prescription medication that temporarily improves the appearance of moderate to serve glabellar lines which are the frown lines you get right between your eyes. Really cool and if you go to the website called you can get a $100 gift card to experience Xeomen for yourself. So a really cool promotion for a really cool product and like I said a lot of guys are taking this on right now. Really eliminates those frown lines and when you can get a $100 gift card it's hard to beat that. So again that's at"