Natural products to freshen up your beauty routine

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Finding beauty products that are naturally derived or cruelty free can be a struggle in today’s market. Our Lauren Berman spoke with beauty expert Nicolette Brycki on her favorite products.

Nicolette Brycki: "So this is all about clean beauty, kind of going back to that bathroom medicine cabinet of yours and just reviving it. I love this product, this is by InstaNatural, this is a Micellar water. It is a gentle way to cleanse the face and it's Paraben free."
Lauren: "That sounds great! I didn't know water could be so great for your skin!"
Nicolette: "Yeah, so you just cleanse nice and easy. And then after that, I typically like to use a facial exfoliater. This is by Golden door and this is made with berry seeds and bamboo powder. 100% of the proceeds go to children's charities across the country and if you take a look at this jar, there is no junk in this. Like nothing, this makes you feel good to use."
Lauren: "So natural, so great. What next?"
Nicolette: "Okay so this is a neck contour. Many of us forget about contouring and smoothing out the neck. This is sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. Simply put it on your neck before you sleep and you wake up with a beautiful neck."
Lauren: "I have to say, this next one, I am really excited about."
Nicolette: "This is amazing. It is made with 24 kt gold. This is by Gavee Gold. This is an ultra concentrated skin brightening serum. I used it two nights in a row. I felt it working on my face and loved the way that my skin looked afterward and the founder is actually a cancer survivor. "
Lauren: "That is so cool. So let's move onto this next one, we have a couple seconds here."
Nicolette: "Yeah so skinny tan, great way to get that glow in fall, derived from a natural agent"
Lauren: "So much better than those tanning salons, I would suggest."
Nicolette: "Exactly. Then we have our lip scrub. Getting rid of that dry, dead skin while moisturizing with rose hip oil
as well as argon oil. Smells great. "
Lauren: "Smells so good. Okay if we want to know more about these products, where can we go?"
Nicolette: "You can go to my website which is, I have a link on there to my beauty website
which is "
Lauren: "Nicolette, thank you so much for joining us this morning. Jen, we will send it back to you."