Fall’s fashion forecast

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There are many ways to get the latest Fall fashion without breaking your budget! Our Jenna Meissner spoke with a life style expert for more.

Good morning! We just kicked off Fall and some are in need of a new wardrobe. So how do we get this season's trends without breaking the bank?

"Yeah, definitely. There are so many ways to get the trends without breaking the bank. You can go to stores like Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and you can pick up the hot trends that we are seeing, like texture, silk, embroidery.

In terms of apparel, we are seeing that flare jeans are really hot right now.  You can pick up those. Also midi-skirts, off shoulder tops.

Then for accessories, we are seeing mini backpacks, choker necklaces, which are definitely straight from the celebrities like the Kardashians and Taylor Swift, and over the knee boots. Here you see sort of a high heel version. For day, you should try a low heel version that you can wear with a cute pair of jeans, and maybe an over sized sweater. Those are sort of the trends that are spiking right now on Polyvore."

Can you give me more information about Polyvore?

"So we have millions of people that come everyday to shop. And also, you can create collages that we call sets and style the latest trends."

Alright Amy, thanks so much for joining us this morning.