Are you Financially Fit?

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PHL17's Chandler Lutz: Good Morning Eric.  I hear you may have the answer to the age old question, does working out make you financially fit?

Eric Reisenwitz: Well C handler, I have been trying to work out more so I certainly hope so. We did a survey that said that 55% of American workers feel pretty good about their financial futures, and 45% feeling like there's more they can be doing to feel secure. What is interesting that we did find is that if you exercise at least once a week, you're 35% more likely to be on the right track financially.

Chandler Lutz: Great.  What other factors can contribute to your financial well being?

Eric Reisenwitz: More than 70% of folks  that have a financial plan in place feel more secure in their futures. And almost everyone that is in that category of feeling secure has a positive outlook and focuses on the future. But in addition to physical fitness having a connection and having a little bit of a surprise, emotional health also tied in. People feeling good about their relationships, their friends, family, feeling good about their careers and in the workplace. The final factor that we found is people that can take advantage of benefits in their workplace also feel secure in their overall financial well being.

Chandler Lutz: Awesome tips this morning, Eric. Thank you so much.

Eric Reisenwitz: Thank you.