PHL17 loves Phil! #stormtheheavens

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Philomena Stendardo, also known as Phil or Bean, is a 7 year old girl from Port Richmond. She goes to St. Georges school and absolutely loves gym class and soccer.

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Just the other week, Phil woke up, not feeling herself. Her parents and her soccer coach noticed something was wrong with Phil and she was taken to the doctor the next day. The results were the family’s worst nightmare.

A brain tumor was discovered in her brain stem, and due to the location, is inoperable. But that’s where we come in! Her family believes in miracles and the power of prayer, and wants to show Phil how much support she has with the hashtag, #stormtheheavens (and coincidentally, her surgeon is named Dr. Philip B. Storm)!

Phil has received love and support from everyone – from Ron Hextall with the Flyers, Ryan Howard of the Phillies, Fletcher Cox with the Philadelphia Eagles, Olympic gold-medalist, Carli Lloyd – all the way to the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders. Even BEYONCE mentioned Phil at her concert! Use the hashtag #stormtheheavens to show your support!