NJ Transit police officer hailed hero for saving man from train tracks

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A New Jersey Transit police officer is being hailed a hero after he saved a man from being run over by a train Friday.

Video released by NJ Transit shows a man lying on the train tracks at the Secaucus train station shows officer Victor Ortiz heroically put his life on the line to save a man lying on the tracks.

The 16-year veteran got a call Friday morning about an agitated passenger on the tracks at the Secaucus train station. Police say the man was lying on the tracks refusing to move as a train was approaching. The man was resisting arrest and with seconds to spare officer Oritz rescues the man to safety. Once the man was in custody, he was given medication, and had a chance to talk to officer Ortiz.

“NJ transit could not be more proud of Victor Ortiz and of the New Jersey Transit police department and we hope this serves as a stark reminder of what these men and women do every single day to keep us safe throughout this state,” the New Jersey Transit said in a statement.

Officer Ortiz usually works night shift and goes home at 7am, but he was on that shift on Friday due to staffing issues.

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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