Keeping Your Skin Beautiful Throughout The Summer

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Taking care of your skin during the summer months is a priority. Our Lauren Berman sat down with a lifestyle expert for some tips.

Bahar, you always have the best tips for us. Where do we get started?

"Thank you so much. I wanted to talk about an amazing product line from Cetaphil. Now this brand is fantastic because they have everything you need for your skin care regimen.

For example, they have Cetaphil Daily Facial moisturizer with broad spectrum spf 15. The reason I love this product is not only is it silky and moisturizing, but it has that sunscreen built into it. You should obviously be using sunscreen in the summertime, but you should be wearing it every single day of the year. This just makes it so easy to incorporate it in your daily routine.

Cetaphil also has incredible cleansers that are non-comedogenic, so they are not going to clog your skin. I n fact they are going to remove oil and dirt and any sort of grim from the day without leaving your skin tight or dry.

And finally, I love that they have these gentle skin cleansing cloths. These help you get clean on the go. You can use them when you go to the gym or if you`re traveling. They are so simple to use and the formula is actually based on the award winning gentle cleaner so it`s a great product.

This lineup ranges from $5 to $19.99 so these are some great Cetaphil products for the summer and for the rest of the year.

Now another thing you have to do is keep your lips protected and nice and hydrated. Carmex has wonderful lip balms. These lip balms are medicated and also contain spf 15, and again you are getting the sunscreen protection in a product you will be using every single day anyway.

Your lips are very very delicate so you definitely want to protect against the damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Now what I like about this lip balm is that it comes in a variety of flavors, of course the original, but they also have the fantastic summer flavors such as cherry and strawberry. Obviously they are super portable and I always keep one in my bag or purse. For more information you can go to my"

Bahar, those are great tips to keep us fresh and healthy during the summer months. Thanks so much for joining us this morning.

"Thanks for having me."