Healthy Summer Eating

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Fun in the sun is great, but it is still important to keep your goals while staying active. Work-life coach, Dr. Jaime Kulaga has some great tips on making your summer fun and stress free.

"We are consistently multi-tasking so this summer taking two notches down and being present in the moment so for example if you are at the beach, feel the sun on your skin, feel the sand between your toes, watch your children jumping in the waves and laughing, being present in the moment and enjoying what you do."

Summer is often the perfect time to kick back and treat yourself, but make sure your summer is filled with activity as well.

"It`s no secret that staying active is good for your mind, body, and soul so making use of the outdoors...get outside take your activity to a fun level, inspiring level, a spontaneous one, make use of the outdoors."

So, when you`re on the go why not eat fresh?

"There`s a real importance this summer, year round in eating fresh. Ninety percent of serotonin is made in your gut. Serotonin is the chemical that makes you happy so if you`re not feeling fresh you`re going to feel that dip in your mood."

Dr. Kulaga says a good salad is one way to eat fresh, be happy, and avoid any dips in your mood.

"My number one summer pick is Wendy`s summer berry chicken salad. Let me tell you it has the ripest berries placed on top. You`re getting fresh cut strawberries, eleven blends of lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, crunchy apples chips, premium all white chicken meat and it`s served with a blackberry vinaigrette, hands down the most freshest and most delicious salad this summer."

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