The fight against the Zika Virus: mosquito bite prevention tips

After months of negotiation, Congress has adjourned for the summer without acting on a bill aimed at fighting the spread of Zika in America. Senior Operations Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control, Greg King, joined PHL17 Morning News with tips the average homeowner can do to prevent mosquito bites.

Rentokil North America, Ehrlich Pest Control's parent company, was recently awarded a multi-year contract with the CDC to initiate a program to combat the spread of Zika through controlling the species of mosquitoes that carry the virus.

Greg's tips:

1. Avoid standing water
2. Know when help is needed
3. Wear light clothing
4. Avoid going outside at dusk or early evening
5. Wear appropriately labeled repellent that includes DEET ingredients. Read the label before using
6. Keep plants in check