Mural Arts program painting colorful median on Broad Street for DNC

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South Broad street will be adding some color in the coming weeks on a project called 14 Movements: A Symphony in Color and Words. From City Hall down to Washington Avenue people will see colorful vinyl ground covering for 14 blocks.

29-year-old artist and creator Mat Tomezsko has been working around the clock to finish his mile long art project along Broad Street.

“It’s an exciting thing to be apart of. This is much bigger then an individual or an individual organization,” Mat Tomezsko said.

Mat has been working on the mile long project since April of 2016. The work will also feature words and imagery found in Philadelphia poet Yolanda Wisher’s book of poems.

“Its really exciting to bring art to an audience that wouldn’t necessarily be coming to look for art,” artist Erica Harney said. “People are coming for a different agenda for the political impedes but to be promoting something that also demonstrates some of Philadelphia’s talent and Philadelphia culture as well. I think it is really important.

Each median stretches seven feet wide and varies from street to street. Mat and his team have already used almost 180 buckets of paints making close to 1,000 different colors.

“Very rarely does a color repeat and then we mix within each stripe occasionally we will layer up colors.  So the idea is to create as many variations as you can and then to create like relationships from one to the next,” artist Scott Suchultheis said.

Mat and his team already completed 10 blocks of work. The installation process of will begin on July 18th.

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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