Norristown native wants to meet 10,000 people for one hour

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How would like to meet a stranger for one hour-all through the use of social media? PHL17’s David Grzybowski sat down with 25 year-old Rob Lawless who wants to meet 10,000 people for one hour each.

“I just enjoy meeting new people and I have always told everyone that meeting people is one of my favorite hobbies. I think finally I am just putting it into practice as opposed to just saying,” Lawless said.

Since November of 2015 Lawless met with over 80 people. Over the last month alone, the Norristown native met with 33 people. In order to meet his goal, Lawless must meet with at least three strangers a day during the workweek. Lawless believes he can reach his goal of 10,000 meetings in 10 years and he hopes to one day travel the world with his new project full-time.

“It’s a very natural way of networking. Networking happens within just doing the project, but its not the goal.  One of the things I like about these meetings and one of the things I think the people like is that there is no agenda behind it,” Lawless said.

If you are interested in spending an hour with Rob Lawless you can get in touch with him on his Instagram page called 'robs10kfriends'.

91. Julie Zeglen, @generocity Editor at @technicallym, and I met up for drinks at @khyberpasspub. Julie grew up in West Chester, attended @templeuniv where she graduated with a degree Media Studies, and now lives in West Philly. After graduation, she moved into the city and worked for a couple of restaurants before joining @star_newspaper, where she became the Editor 3 months into the job after her boss left. Most recently, she joined Technically Media back in October as Editor of, which aims to build better communities through smarter social impact. Julie used to write plays and essays for fun growing up so she's found a great fit in doing journalism in the city! Awesome meeting you, @zayjed! #10kfriends #philly #technically #generocity #phillyjournalism #journalism #meetingpeople How we met: Julie came across an article that @justjoshfunk1 (#54) published for @thephiladelphiacitizen on my project and DM'ed me to meet!

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