Angry Birds Movie

Lauren Berman: John, you are the producer of the angry birds movie. Now we all love that game, but why are we going to love the movie?

John Cohen: I think people are going to love this movie because of how funny it is and what audiences go into the movie to see is comedy, but when they leave I think they will be surprised by how emotional it is.

Lauren: And it is truly family friendly. It is out right now. Now tell me to we actually find out why these birds are so angry?

John: You do and that's the number one question the game company gets. Why are the birds so upset and angry? And that is the big idea of this story.

Lauren: So the story follows Red the main bird. So what made you want to get involved in this product?

John: I am a huge fan of Angry Birds games. I am an addict and when I was playing the games all the times I played, I couldn't stop thinking about these characters and how fun it will be to bring these characters to life in CG animation.

Lauren: I can say we have all been addicted too it, so don't worry about saying you are an addict. Thanks so much for joining us this morning.

John: Thank you so much Lauren.