Green 8

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Jason Lee: Hello Dawn. What's your story because you have quiet a story to tell. Please share that with us.

Dawn Russell: Long ago when I was 25 I had unfortunately very serious cancer. On my fourth surgery I couldn't do chemo or radiation so that's what really set me on this path trying find alternative treatments. And I ended up in my kitchen in New York City working with nutrition and of all food. I found greens to be the only thing to get me through my day. So after I got married and started a healthy life, I realized so few people truly knew how to eat greens everyday. Only 9 % actually take the full daily recommended amount. So for the last five years I sought every way to get people to have more greens and ended up with 8 Greens. It is basically a tablet, a tablet that you put in a drink and just that 8 Greens is so nutrient. It is equivalent to 20 cups of broccoli, 5 oranges, and it tastes good that's the thing. It has a lemon lime flavor but with no sugar.

Jason Lee: So what made you decide to go with greens. Was it trial and error?

Dawn: It was so trial and error. I unfortunately was so sick at the time that my body immediately reacted to mushrooms and strawberries were probably the worst. It was self evident. My body would tell me that greens were the thing I could use to get to noon and then to dinner because other wise I was completely depleted needing to nap throughout the day.

Jason Lee: So many people love junk food. I have a 13-year-old son right now that lives on cakes and cookies. What do you say to people who are not getting their greens?

Dawn: I guess in all honesty, I don't want to be too self promoting but have 8G. Your kid is going to have junk food.  I have two kids, I get it, but if we can help them get good food and greens in addition to it, I think they start to see they feel better. Before soccer I had an 8G instead of soda and I feel better on the field. I think if we slowly introduce it to them, they start to feel better.

Jason Lee: That's great Dawn. Where can we go for more information?

Dawn: Go to and we are also sold in Nordstrom.

Jason Lee: Alright Dawn Russell. You look fantastic. Thanks for joining us this morning. We appreciate it.

Dawn: Thanks so much Jason.