Gun Control

Jason Lee: The issue of gun violence hits very close to home for you. Please explain to everybody.

Pamela Bosley: My son was shot and killed on church grounds- a place that should have been safe. In Chicago we have over 1500 people shot just this year and over 200 dead. It affects Chicago and its a national issue in the black community. Human lives are not being valued because they are saying it is gang related. So I need this perception of gangs to be removed because of drugs and children lives are being taken in cross fire and those are the innocent ones.

Jason Lee: Pam I must ask you. I can't imagine the unspeakable grief you must feel everyday. What do you say to people who say gun control won't work or we don't need it?

Pamela Bosley: We must get past common sense gun laws to get guns off the street. It is going to take more than that because it is a social issue too. We have to find a way to get illegal guns off of the street.

Stephanie Soechtig: And we need to stop thinking about this issue as anti-gun or gun control. This is about gun safety and its anti-gun violence. And who is gun pro violence? I think we are more united than we have been lead to believe.

Jason Lee: Right. Stephanie, where can we watch the documentary?