11th Annual Adam Taliaferro Foundation Luncheon

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Adam Taliaferro joined us on PHL 17 Morning News to talk about his 11th annual Adam Taliaferro Foundation Luncheon happening May 2nd at Lincoln Financial Field. The event recognizes fourteen high school student-athletes for their efforts to raise funds for spinal cord injuries. According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, sports are the second-leading cause of spinal cord injuries for Americans age 30 and younger.
Sponsored by the Eagles and AAA South Jersey, the high school student-athletes who are recognized, took part in his foundation’s community service Athlete of the Year contest last fall.
Adam shared with us how in 2000 he was paralyzed in a football game while making a tackle for Penn State. After spinal-fusion surgery, doctors were unsure if he would ever walk again. But, his relentless pursuit to overcome this setback allowed him to walk out of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital on his own three months later. The Adam Taliaferro Foundation provides emotional, financial and educational support to individuals who suffer catastrophic head or spinal injuries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The foundation also provides educational and financial support related to the research, prevention and care of such injuries.
For more information, please visit www.taliaferrofoundation.org.

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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