In Focus: Greensgrow Farms

On “In Focus” with host, Jennifer Lewis-Hall, we take a look at Greensgrow Farms in Philadelphia which has been growing ideas since 1997. Greensgrow helps neighborhoods cultivate social entrepreneurship, urban agriculture and community greening. It’s a nationally recognized leader in urban farming. Greensgrow borrows existing ideas and makes them uniquely their own when it comes to rethinking land, abandoned space, oil barrels, PVC, tools and trash and what to do with them. Veggie waste composts become fertilizer, a shipping container grew into a garden shop and rain gutters find a life as a farm. Jennifer’s guest includes Katelyn Repash, Greensgrow Farms Lead Farmer. And PHL17’s Lauren Berman provides a story on Greensgrow and its initiatives. “In Focus” is broadcast Saturdays at 6:30am and 11:30am on PHL17.