Never too old for love: An elderly couple in Jenkintown says “I do”

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PHL17's Lauren Berman sat down with an elderly couple from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania for a timeless lesson; it is never too late for love.

Ralph Block, 89, and Anita Shmukler, 86, were widowed after a combined 109 years of marriage before they decided to tie the knot. The pair first met eight years ago through, an online Jewish dating service.

"I don’t know much about dating services." said Ralph. "I guess they are all the same, they like to get a picture of you, you give a profile and they publish it on the computer and they put down phone numbers and you call people. You’re on your own after that."

They spoke on the phone for a couple of hours and decided to meet for lunch at a local restaurant. According to the Blochs, the connection was instantaneous.

"She looked like a nice-looking lady," said Ralph, smiling slyly. "She looked like arm candy."

"There's nothing ordinary about Ralph," said Anita. "He's a nice person."

After a month of courting, the two decided to move in together. Then, on May 31st 2015, the two married.

"You know, I always think of George Carlin," said Ralph. "He used to have a routine, and he'd say, 'people always say I found it in the last place I looked.'"

"If you found something, why would you look further?"

Anita, who has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Address, worked as a professor at Temple University for more than ten years. Ralph, a native of Chicago, worked as a salesman selling fundraising products to schools throughout the nation. The two currently live at Rydal Park, a Presby's Inspired Life Community in Jenkintown, Pa., and are the last of three couples to tie the knot at Rydal within the last few months.

BY: Lauren Berman/PHL17

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