How Making Small Changes in the New Year Can Help Those Living with Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States, affecting an estimated 27 million people.

So what does it take for you to manage a new diagnosis?
Medical director of diabetes nation, doctor Richard Aguilar suggests making small changes in the new year.

Have a meal in the morning that`s important.  A balanced meal with protein, yogurt, cheese, eggs, fruit - and people say I can`t eat fruit because it`s too much sugar - well I didn`t say eat 4 fruits, but I`d rather you have an orange or a pear rather than having a hamburger and fries on the way to work.

Eating right can be the hardest part of living with type 2 diabetes, but patients should realize they don`t have to do it alone.

What helped me out was my doctor referred me to a nutritionist and she gave me a wealth of information about what a good carb is, what starches are, and how they affect my body.

One of the things that helps me prepare for the day is prepare my lunch and snacks - and that helps keep me on track so that I can maintain my blood sugar and I think that`s important.

And as you are working on your diet in the new year - Dr. Aguilar advises to make sure your medication is just as productive for your body!

Some of the more common adverse effects for something  like Invokana would be UTI, increasing thirst, increased urination - and you should have a conversation with your doctor if that medication or any medication is appropriate for you.

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