Improve Your Health With a Better Night’s Sleep

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Jason Lee:
Doctor good morning, you're a board certified sleep expert. Many of us wake up four days a week tired. You can help us out right?

Dr. Michael Breus:
I can, it turns out there are a lot of things you can do to get a better night's rest. Turns out you can sleep with sort of the five senses.
So when we think about the senses, how can we do things to sleep better? So sight, we want to make sure that its a sort of dark environment. Sound, maybe people might need some ear plugs or a sound machine to block out any noise that could be going on. Taste, it turns out that there are certain foods that can actually make you fall asleep a little bit quicker and there are certain things to avoid of course, right before bed. Smell, turns out to be important as well. Aroma therapy can actually help you go to sleep. And of course touch has a lot to do with the mattress, the pillow, the sheets. And so I actually partnered with Princess Cruise Lines and we've redeveloped beds. 4,000 beds across the fleet are now being replaced with the new Princess Luxury bed and it's pretty exciting.
Jason: A lot of health issues associated with lack of sleep tell us more about that.

Dr. Breus: We know that sleep affects every organ system and every disease state. We know that no matter what's going on with you whether you are trying to fight the flu or have a more serious medical condition, everybody feels better with a better night's rest. We know that this helps people repair, we know that your bodies do better, everything seems to do better with a better night's sleep.

Jason: Amen to that. Where do we go for more information?

Dr. Breus: People looking got more information can go to

Jason: Dr. Breus we appreciate your time, thanks for being with us.

Dr. Breus: Thank you.