Choose Energy with Kerry Cooper

Jason Lee:
Kerry.. Good morning. I hear you are here to help us save money on our energy bills... we all need that right.
Kerry Cooper:
We all need that right... with this cold snap we are finally feeling... winter has come and after the spending frenzy of the holiday season... it is a good chance to take a step back and think about where there are places for new year's resolutions to save money and your energy bill is an easy place to do it.
Jason Lee:
So give us some tips.
Kerry Cooper:
If you go to a site like all you need is your zip code and you can search and find all the available plans for you.
Jason Lee:
I was surprised... a lot of people do not unplug their appliances when they are not using them.. that is pretty key as well.
Kerry Cooper:
That is pretty key as well... obviously there are a lot of other things you can do as well. Turn your thermostat down... lower at bed time... replacing your furnace filters...lowering the temperature on your water heater.. sealing leaks and drafty doors and windows. All of these things are ways that we all know we can do but we do not necessarily take the time to think about it. A smart thermostat 
can also be some way to take the work off of your plate by programming your temperature to go down at night or when you are gone for the weekend or you are gone for the day so that you are not heating empty space.
Jason Lee:
Alright... great tips. Kerry where can we go for information?
Kerry Cooper:
You can choose put in your zip code... it will take you five minutes to switch your energy supplier and you will save a lot of money this year.
Jason Lee:
Alright Kerry Cooper from Choose Energy. Thanks for the time we appreciate it.
Kerry Cooper:
Thanks Jason.



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