Mummers Mask Maker: Jim LoSasso

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63-year-old Jim LoSasso from Glenolden, PA is the sculptor and creator of  the Mummers masks on News Years Day.

“I make all of these masks myself. I sculpt them. I design a lot of them. I cast them. Pour the rubber. I do everything,” LoSasso said.

LoSasso started making mask for the Mummers back in 1982 with the Greater Kensington String Band and for 2016 LoSasso will be working with close to a dozen groups in both the fancy brigades and string bands. On News Years Day Jim LoSasso will be working solely with the Shooting Stars fancy brigade prior to their performance making close to 15 different masks for their routine this year.

“I work up to New Years Day. They say Jim we need one more bug head. We need two more of these. I’m done when I leave new years morning after I’m done making shooting stars I’ll leave and I am done. That will be it for 2016,” LoSasso said.
Masks can take LoSasso anywhere from two hours or even three days upon completion yet alone the casting of the masks can take up to anywhere from three to five hours.

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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