Holiday Hair Tips

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Jason Lee: Good morning. Must haves for the holiday season. What are they?

Kate Deponte: Well Jason, let's start with skin. One of my favorite products is Cera Ve night cream. It works overnight with skin repairing serum to help refresh the look of skin and reduce wrinkles. Designed to work with natural rhythm and restore skin barrier and wake up fresh skin. It utilizes a patented multivescular technology which allows for controlled release for 24 hour hydration. Next is is imperative for great holiday hair. My favorite thing is Dove shampoo and conditioner. It moisturizes and gives hair moisture it needs. Oxygen fused ingredients deliver a balance of moisture with 95 percent more fullness. Just 4.99 each at drug stores nature wide. Beauty comes from the inside and something I love are these beauty supplements. Advanced enzyme system for comprehensive digestive support. It is great for this time of year. Their certified organic immune build greens target cellular integrity for optimal energy and vitality plus one billion probiotics. Natural and free of gluten and rainbow light dot com or local grocery and pharmacy stores.

Jason Lee: Back to the news desk.