Wizard World Philly’s Hunkiest Hunks (2014)

So, let’s face it– when you make a BABES Gallery for Wizard World like we did?  You have to make a gallery of some of the men of Comic Con too.  So here’s a RANDOM SAMPLING of some of the hunky men that did a real nice job at Wizard World Philly Comic Con 2014…

Wizard World Philadelphia-140620-2182Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2452Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2576Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2580Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2616Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2617Wizard World Philadelphia-140622-220Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2669Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-2839Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-03155 Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-03357Wizard World Philadelphia-140621-03557COMIC-CON-HUNKIEST-2 COMIC-CON-HUNKIEST-3 COMIC-CON-HUNKIEST-4Wizard World Philadelphia-140622-89


Curtis Armstrong, “Booger” from Revenge of the Nerds, is automatically the hottest guy in any convention setting based on his work as a nerd pioneer. The ROTN films brought geek culture out of the “bored” room– and into the bedroom! God Speed, Booger!!

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