Saturday, May 18th — Memorial Day Flag Placement

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In 2011, states, cities and institutions across the U.S., and including Laurel Hill Cemetery, marked the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War. Many of those men engaged in battle, fighting on the sides of both the Union and Confederacy, rest at Laurel Hill. The site also holds sacred the remains of many prominent Civil War-era Philadelphians, including volunteer nurses, surgeons, and supporters of the war effort.

Laurel Hill continues its commemorative Sesquicentennial Exhibition highlighting military figures and citizens whose contributions to the war and war effort epitomize the stories of the peoples who lived during and through this stirring era in our nation’s history. This year’s exhibit begins in 1864, the bloodiest year of the Civil War, and follows the stories of these notable figures through to the war’s historic conclusion. The Drum Major who lost his life only a few months after being promoted to Principal Musician of his unit; the young soldier accused of a plot to assassinate Jefferson Davis; and the strong-willed woman who ran the Post Office of the Great Central Fair are just a few of the fascinating and unique stories that will be shared and commemorated.

The opening will include a historic walking tour of some of the notables included in the exhibit, the premiere of 1864: The Final Throes of War, as well as a viewing of the exhibit’s artifacts. It will conclude with light refreshments. The program will be co-presented by Temple University professor, president of the General Meade Society and author of Philadelphia and the Civil War, Dr. Andy Waskie; and independent researcher, historian and cofounder of, Russ Dodge. It will take place on Saturday, May 17 at 1:00pm, departing from Laurel Hill Cemetery’s Gatehouse entrance at 3822 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132. Free parking is located in the lot across the street from the Gatehouse.

While admission to the exhibit opening and tour is FREE, advance registration is requested. RSVP by calling (215) 228-8200 or emailing

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