Meet The Cool Cat Club

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Meet Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari‘s newest animal additions: Kanu, Kondo and Kiume.

Kanu and Kondo were born in early January.  Kanu means “wild cat”, Kondo means “warrior”.  Their younger brother Kiume was born one month later in early February.  Kiume means “strong”.  The names were picked in a contest on Facebook that gave fans the opportunity to vote on names — nearly four thousand people voted.  According to Dr. Ken Keiffer of Six Flags, all three names are of African descent and reflect a theme among the lion pride they will soon be part of.

However; before they join the pride, the public will be able to see the three brother cubs on the Safari Off Road Adventure attraction in Camp Aventura.  Once the boys are bigger and a little older they will join the other lions at Kingsland.

PHL17’s Zachery Lashway got to spend the day with the brother cubs — he had the opportunity to feed them and play with them.

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Zach and Lions Lion