VIDEO: YouTube Studios making memes come true

This April Fool’s Day, YouTube wants to remind you to thank their YouTube Studios for making all your memes and viral videos over the last decade.  The YouTube writers, producers, camera people, directors, etc also want you to know they are hard at work in the studio making more virals for 2014 to top their previous efforts.  They are filming soon to be hits like, #ButterFail, #Clocking, #BabyCantRead, #FlashMobDivorce, #KissingMyDad, and #GlubGlub.

AND?!  For the first time ever, YouTube is opening up its servers and accepting videos produced by YOU the PUBLIC!  Send your own ideas to YouTube with the hashtag, #newtrends.

Happy April 1, everybody!  Well played, YouTube!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.30.45 AM