Wrigley’s Bucket List

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When their beloved family pet was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, this Arizona family made their dog, “”Wrigley,” a doggy bucket list.  Wrigley is a five-year-old pit mix.  The Alderman family set up a Facebook page to track the wishlist they created for their dog.   “Wrigley’s Bucket List” Facebook page)

The items listed on Wrigley’s bucket list are below:

1. Dinner at OHSO (done)
2. Attend my mom’s fundraising event (done)
3. Pass the CGC (done)
4. Buy a new bow tie (done)
5. Raise money for other rescue Pits
6. Throw an early ½ birthday party (in progress, save date 4/12)
7. Ride in a fire truck or police car
8. Deliver thank you card to veterinarian
9. Appear as a media star
10. Ride in a convertible (scheduled 4/24)
11. Have a professional family photo shoot (scheduled 3/30)
12. Have a dog themed movie night
13. Walk around the block every day
14. Have my portrait painted for my parents
15. Create a new slide show of my life story
16. Try a new “hoo-man” food
17. Eat a doggie ice cream sundae
18. Walk around the famous fountain in Fountain Hills, Ariz. (done)
19. Paw it forward in a Wrigley way
20. Go on a trip
21. Attend my grandmother’s wedding in California
22. Go to a dog beach